Race Recap & Review: The 408k

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Quick post for a quick race!

With my next half marathon weeks away, I decided to go on a fun run. Last Sunday Kevin and I ran the 408k, a race local to the 408 as the race name suggests. It’s a quick 8km (4.97 mile) race starting at the SAP Center and ending in Santana Row.

Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 20.58.03

The race started at 8am, and being such a close race Kevin and I headed out of our place at 7:15 or so. Parking was plentiful at San Jose Diridon and we got there with plenty of time.


We started in Corral B and made our race to the Row!

There wasn’t much to report here, other than that the course is as flat as it can be save for two uphills: one under the Caltrain/Amtrak at the beginning and the other under the 880. Other than that it was mostly racing through suburbs and around Valley Fair.

Mile 1: 7:02 / mile
Mile 2: 7:23 / mile
Mile 3: 7:29 / mile
Mile 4: 7:26 / mile

The 4th mile began the “Mariachi Mile,” the highlight of the race and something that definitely made the last mile go a lot faster. Every tenth of a mile or so was a new mariachi band playing!


I finished at 35:49 or 7:12 / mile. Essentially my 5K pace set last Thanksgiving. Perhaps a 10K record is in my grasp! Kevin finished at 43:20 or 8:43 / mile.

After both of us took a breather we made a light jog back to our place. Erica was ready to go and after resting for a bit we made the drive back to the SAP Center to pick up my car.

For brunch, Erica and I headed over to the famed Bill’s Cafe in Santa Clara. We feasted on the chocolate pancakes and the California Eggs Benedict.


All in all, a great fun race!



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