The Summer Break!

Since finishing the half marathon in Seattle, I decided to reduce my mileage for two weeks to recover. Having ran a full marathon and a half marathon within six days of each other, I wanted to make sure any and all injuries/soreness would recover quickly and I could get back into finishing up the year with the races I have planned.

Also, it happened to be the time of year when weather everywhere I went was scorchingly hot. It neared 100 here in the Bay Area and surpassed 100 in Southern California, making running in either of those places not a fun thing to do.

So? I just took it easy and didn’t run. It actually felt kinda weird, not having to get up at the crack of dawn and just sleeping in. I occasionally biked to/from work, and did a quick 3-6 mile run here and there to stay at shape.

This week, the weather cooled off and I’m getting back into my normal training runs. I’ll be heading to Davis this weekend for the Moo-nlight Race, and hope to bring home that glow in the dark cow trophy!


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