Happy National Running Day!


To be honest, I had no idea something like National Running Day existed until recently. But it’s a day to celebrate what has become my pastime, so I’m going to embrace it.


Perhaps my biggest result out of all this running is my wall of bibs and medals. This is not only a symbol of the many races I’ve been to, but a testament to the journey and training I’ve encountered over the last two years of competitive racing.


Each race has its own story, each with mistakes made and lessons learned along the way. But each race, past and future, always has one common goal: to perform at the best that I can possibly be at that given moment. Whether I hit a personal record or not is secondary; so long as I did my best, that’s all that matters.

To celebrate National Running Day, I ran my normal 9.6 mile run this morning before work. This time at a slower pace than usual since I just ran a half marathon at a PR several days ago.


Several places are running promotions and giveaways (no pun intended) to celebrate National Running Day.

The one of note that I’m using is Rock n’ Roll, which is at a steep discount. All of their races are $20 off today only (which means for another hour or so), and I’ll be registering for the Las Vegas Rock n’ Roll race in November this year! My 2013 Tour Pass only counted for either the 2012 Vegas or 2013 Vegas half marathon, and I used it for 2012 already. I’ll be running this to get my last heavy medal when November rolls around.


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