New Running Gear!

The last couple of days I acquired some new gear.

Last week, I stopped by Sports Basement for a pair of compression calf sleeves. These are designed to exert pressure around the calves and keep blood flowing for performance or for recovery. Compression gear exists for nearly every part of the body, and even Kobe Bryant wears one!

It’s like a layup every mile!


In my case, I tried it out after my 15 mile run Sunday, and my 10 mile run yesterday. It really sped up recovery! After several hours of wearing them, my legs weren’t sore at all, and I felt like I could run again. This seems like great recovery gear, and I’ll bring these to every race.

The next thing I got (also at Sports Basement) was a pair of running shorts from Brooks.


Yes, the new tan line on my thighs is very noticeable.

After running for a little over two years, I finally purchased a legitimate pair of running shorts. I’ve always ran in basketball shorts beforehand, and haven’t found any noticeable problems with them until I starting running in running shorts. One of the biggest benefits I’ve found with running shorts is the amount of movement that is restricted, which leads to less potential for chafing. Any runner or hiker can understand what I’m talking about. Wearing loose, moist clothing for a long period of time will lead to chafing, and my old shorts were notorious for that. 

I did some googling on what other runners thought about running shorts, and the general consensus was “Once you go short, you never go back.” I know what they mean now.

As an added bonus, these shorts came with a secret pocket! I can put my ID and other things with me and forget it was there.


The last item I got I hoped was a technical tee as a tribute to Boston. I was hoping to run in some type of Boston Marathon gear in the next couple of races, so I purchased the Boston Tribute Tee from Adidas.


Sadly, the shirt was 100% cotton. Great for everyday use, horrible for runs. Oh well! At least I can wear this everyday. It looks pretty snazzy too.

With four days till the OC Marathon, I’m hoping to try the first two out, and see if there’s any impact on performance. Looks like great weather this weekend!


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