SF Marathon. Decisions, decisions…

With a half marathon in SF this weekend, my mind is towards another race in San Francisco.

The San Francisco Marathon

My first race ever was the second half of the San Francisco Marathon in 2011. This race highly encourages repeat runners, with their “Half-it-All” challenge which I’ve completed with the second half in 2011 and the first half in 2012. They’ve also teamed up with the LA Marathon to introduce the “LA-SF Challenge,” which I’ve also completed with the LA Marathon in 2012 as well.

However, there’s just one last challenge remaining with the SF Marathon that I’m eligible for, and that’s the 52 Club.

What’s the 52 Club? If you run both halves in two consecutive years, effectively earning the Half-It-All medal, and then run the full marathon in the third year, you’re a member of the 52 Club, which earns you a hoodie, name on their website, and “major bragging rights,” or so the website says.

I haven’t heard of anyone be a part of this club, and the Internet only shows people planning to be a part of it two years from their race date. I also didn’t see any past members have their names posted on the website. Running just for a hoodie also seems like a rather poor investment, and I’m a bit uneasy about running a full marathon because of the time needed to train for one.

So, is this worth it? Should I attempt at another marathon? The SF Marathon Twitter feed said they were about 75% full, so I’m probably going to have to make a decision soon.


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