Shoe Shopping!

Ever since I started long distance running, I’ve only had one pair of shoes, the Brooks Addiction 9.


The story behind these shoes?

I chose these when I developed runner’s knee due to running too much, too fast, and with the wrong shoes. I was running 8-10 mile runs when I started using my normal walking sneakers when I used to run 3 miles at most, which led to the inevitable injury.

So, a friend and I ran (what other option is there? :D) from UC Berkeley to Elmwood, where I stumbled upon a local running store called LaFoot Plus. There, oblivious to the running shoe industry, I got fitted depending on my foot type and what they recommended. With my huge flat feet, the shoes they recommended were the Brooks.

1800 miles later, these shoes have definitely went above and beyond their intended purpose. I’m starting to feel some pains in places I didn’t before (lower back and hip), but whether to blame the shoes or my increased running pace is hard to tell.

Regardless, these shoes have held up surprisingly well. There is no tearing anywhere, the insides feel comfy, and I can reasonably still run in these shoes for a couple hundred more miles. However, the soles has worn down to the point where these shoes are curved when on a flat surface.


Last Saturday I drove over to Fitgeek Sports in Cupertino. I heard many good reviews about this place and decided to get my new pairs there. They had me do various running stances, walk around barefoot, and run on the treadmill to analyze my gait. From there, they recommended me a range of shoes. Some felt too big, some felt too small. But one was just right.

So, I got myself the Asics GT-2100. 


To be quite honest, I wanted a pair of shoes with some funky colors, like neon green or purple or something. But with my huge size 13 feet, I didn’t have many options in the store. Even though I was offered to special order them at no additional cost, I really wanted to start running in these.

As an inaugural run, I ran that evening with the new shoes around the block. I completed a 3.4 mile run in a record 8:04 / mile pace! These are good shoes.

The next day, I tried them out on my typical 9.6 mile run, with no issues.

I’ve been told to transition to these shoes, meaning switch back and forth until the new shoes feel like normal, so I’m going to try that out over the next couple of weeks. I’ll definitely be running the half marathon in Dallas with these shoes.

So, my Asics GT-2100, here’s to (hopefully) another thousand miles and another range of half marathons all across the country!


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