T-4 weeks to Dallas

A lot of people have asked me to record and talk about my training to running a half marathon. So I’ll start with recording training for my upcoming race, the Dallas Rock n’ Roll Half Marathon on March 24th.

Since Saturdays are typically my rest day, I’ll have a post every Saturday regarding my running for the week (Sunday – Friday), which include mileage and my thoughts. Hopefully this will help you with your training, and keep me motivated to continue training!

Sunday, 2/17: Half Marathon Race
Started and completed a 13.1 mile race at an unbelievable 8:23 / mile pace.

Monday, 2/18: Recovery Biking
Two 3.5 mile bike rides as my normal commute. My legs were still sore from the day before, so I took it slow. On average, I ride at a 12 mile per hour pace, with a top speed of 27mph on my folding bike.

It’s always tough on my commute to work; the ride south is at an incline and has several red lights due to traffic, but the ride back home is great!

Tuesday, 2/19: Upper Body Strength and Plyometrics
Surprisingly, running uses several parts of your body. I remember one run I had my shoulders were extremely sore afterwards, and my legs were fine!

I did my 45 minute workout: lateral pull downs (bicep/back), chair dips (tricep/chest), barbell military presses (shoulders), and reverse barbell curls (forearms), followed by planking, Russian twists, and leg raises as ab workouts. Following this, I joined my friends doing their P90X Plyometrics workout for about 15 minutes.

Wednesday, 2/19: 9.56 mile run
My normal morning run around Sunnyvale/Cupertino. I was able to maintain a 8:47 / mile pace throughout the whole run. Towards the middle I was really slowing down, but was able to pick it up towards the last three miles.

I refueled afterwards with donuts at the office. Woo hoo!

Thursday, 2/20: Biking, Upper Body Strength and Core Synergistics
Revisited my workout from Tuesday, only replaced chair dips with declined pushups (6 sets of 10). Joined the P90X group doing Core Synergistics, where I realized I wasn’t able to do the Dreya Roll due to sore quads. That was embarrassing.

I also took my normal 7 mile roundtrip bicycle commute to work.

Friday, 2/21: 6.20 mile run
Even with a shorter run, I wasn’t able to achieve the PR pace. I was at 8:29 / mile average pace. I guess there’s something about a race that really pushes you.

Weekly Progress:
28.87 miles ran
14 miles biked
120 minutes of strength training


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