GoPro? Go Derp.

Yesterday my good friend Kevin lent me his new shiny GoPro Hero 3 for use. For those of you that don’t know what a GoPro is, it’s a camera used for action sports, such as skiing, biking, surfing, etc. He uses it when he goes flying on his aircraft as he has at least as much passion for flying as I do running.

So, I tried it out while running yesterday. I wanted to film my races and show them here on my blog so you can see firsthand what goes on during a race.

As a preliminary test, I got a head band to attach the GoPro to my head (I looked like a Mars Rover, apparently), and ran my normal 9.60 mile run around Sunnyvale.

However, when I finished, I noticed the GoPro actually ran out of battery about 80 minutes in. That’s okay for a 10 mile race, but not enough for a half marathon (around 2 hours). This wasn’t looking promising.

Also, I totally screwed up. In my attempt to upload the video to YouTube by speeding up the footage and adding some video stabilization, I was absent minded and deleted all the footage! I derped at my attempts to publish my run -___-

The footage itself was pretty good though. Surprisingly I wasn’t as shaky as I thought I would be. I’ll have to borrow the GoPro again sometime and upload it at a future post!


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