The Happiest Races on Earth

I’m still in the midst of writing my race recap for the Arizona Half Marathon, but I thought I’d provide a little update on future races.

In September I will be running in the Disneyland 5K, 10K, and Half Marathon! I’m going to begin with a 5K with my mom, followed by a 10K with Erica right afterwards, with a half marathon the following day. What a busy weekend!

Hopefully I'll get an entourage like this.

Hopefully I’ll get an entourage like this.

Disney’s races have a history of filling up really fast, and I soon realized this when I got the email saying registration is now open. The Dumbo Double Dare (10K and Half Marathon combo) filled up within an hour!

Since this race is well over eight months from now, I won’t begin planning this race for a while. Three races in two days will require some extra planning (and extra training!).


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