Race Recap and Review: La Cañada Flintridge Thanksgiving Day 5K

Like a 5K, I’ll keep this review short.

With the impending Thanksgiving Dinner that was coming, I decided to burn a little bit off with a local 5K, and to set another personal record! Since my last one was set at the hilly UC Berkeley campus, I figured any 5K I did wouldn’t be nearly as hilly as that, so this was it.

I also kinda wonder how race times are actually timed accurately without a chip or RFID tag, since I swear I saw the time say 23:12 when I crossed the finish line, but my official time online says 24:05. Then I remembered: once I crossed the finish line, they had to tear off a part of my bib, then bring it to the timers who then recorded the times. Not very accurate, I’d say. They even accounted for those who didn’t even register, known as bandit runners! Not cool.

Nonetheless, it was a great race, over a thousand people showed up, and my mom PRed as well compared to her last 5K back in San Francisco! Awesome.

My time was 23:12, or 7:28 min / mile, while my mom was at 42:15, or 13:35 min / mile, both of which are unofficially official times.

Afterwards, we drove home, ate dim sum, and took a nap before stuffing ourselves with turkey and amazing homemade food. I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving, and expect my next post after the Vegas race next week!


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