if (isCycling) { runPaceTime – -; }

I’ve been cycling for the last month or so, and I’m liking it more and more everyday. I’ve been trying to break my record to/from work, shaving seconds here and there and working out my quads. While I don’t really care for my cycling speeds just yet, I’ve noticed one thing that’s been happening.

My running pace has decreased, meaning I’m running faster! On my noncompetitive runs, I have been hovering around 9:30-10 minutes a mile normally. Respectable, but definitely can use some improvement. I originally thought that with all this extra cycling, my times must’ve stagnated or slowed down because of sore legs.

But, in fact it was the opposite! I’m actually averaging around 8:50-9:00 minutes a mile! My last couple race paces have been around that time, with my PR at 8:38 set back in January.

Pace after a month of cycling

Now correlation doesn’t necessarily mean causation, but this certainly looks promising. So here’s something to try if you want to run faster: start cycling!


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