Rock n’ Roll All Year Long!

I’ve just registered for the Rock n’ Roll Tour Pass!

The Rock n’ Roll series has a Tour Pass option that’s great for runners and travelers. For anyone else who frequently participates in these races, registration fees can get pretty expensive and take a pretty big hit on your finances, not to mention the travel and lodging fees that can come up.

With the Tour Pass, you pay a flat rate now, and run as much as you want the following year. This is great for those who want to run across North America and I’ve heard pretty good things about the Rock n’ Roll series. There’s also a special to participate in the 2012 Las Vegas Half Marathon for purchasing the 2013 Tour Pass!

Hope I get something as awesome looking as this.

Since I was contemplating running Las Vegas in December, this pushed me over the edge. I now can run Pasadena, San Jose, Los Angeles, and any other ones I want next year all with this flat rate! Arizona? Seattle? Maybe even Savannah! All those fees will be waived.

Here’s the link for more information:

But for now, Las Vegas, here I come!


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